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      08-05-2019, 06:09 PM   #243
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Originally Posted by norMcal View Post
Thanks for the update.

Yes, short term it does not apear to give the desired results, but to be fair, it took decades to get us here. Cleary Trump has brought a lot of manufacturing back and it made a huge comeback in 2018. It will take a while for it to all shake out and the dust to settle. Right now China and the EU are digging their heels in. Reagan did not crush the Soviet Union in a couple of years either, it took two terms and then some.

Not to throw a red herring here, but just look at the what the Fed is doing right now. For pretty much all of Obamas two terms they kept the interest rates low (many years at zero) and printed money like there was no tomorrow (QE1, 2 and on and on), yet the economy sputtered. Everyone said there will be hell to pay someday for all of that. So then Trump comes in, slashes regulations, tax cuts, renegotiates trade deals, gets the economy going (while congress, the media and half the country is fighting him tooht and nail), only to have the Fed come in now and kill it by raising interest rates over and over.
Don't get me wrong, I believe we do need to bring interest rates up agian, it isn't healty to have them at zero and to keep printing money, but the point is that all this stuff is complex and decades in the making, and to just show short term data to prove it isn't woriking means NOTHING. Because by that token it is all of Trumps fault the market is colapsing at the moment, when in reality we are now paying the price for infaltion created by Bush and Obama.
update time again.... my how time flies...

ummm... what is the Fed doing now with rates...

and who pushed for that? particularly at a time when lower rates aren't needed?..

oh... and you also did post this..

Originally Posted by norMcal View Post
Yes, the North Korea deal is horrible. So far all that has happened:•The missile testing has stopped. If I recall correctly we used to see a missile being fired about every other week
•No more underground nuclear testing
•Hostages release
•North and South Koren leaders met for the first time since the conflict started 50+ years ago
•First time a US president met with a North Koren leader and our administrations opened dialog

These things take time. It is sure a heck of a lot better than what Hillbilly Clinton sold us. In fact, he probably helped them. But hey, when you're a globalist and can count on the globalist funded media brain washing the general population, then you can get away with anything. Put the Kool Aid down boys.
how is that south Korea/North Korea thing doing...? well on their way to being " besties" right ?
and the missile testing... ?
and you know.. the uh.. " deal " .. what was it again?
what exactly happened when the US president met with a North Korean leader.. did they actually open dialogue or was it simply a failed attempt?

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