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      02-23-2020, 03:30 PM   #45
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Also when eating out, order all sauces or dressings on the side and just dip the occasional bite into it. Or eliminate altogether if you can. The dips, sauces and dressings make healthy food turn into really unhealthy food. Plus adding huge calories. Once you get used to real food flavour and not the sauce flavour, you will get used to it . Then you will realize how sugary many dressings are. You’ll also uncover how many restaurants serve lower quality meats and unripened veggies and just hide the poor flavours with a sugary fatty sauce.
I do enjoy a lot of hot sauces though!
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      04-02-2020, 08:21 AM   #46
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fewer calories and more cardio workouts. Now the gyms are closed, you can order equipment for home, for example, an elliptical trainer.
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      04-02-2020, 08:40 AM   #47
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I spend most of my youth and my late 20's to 35ish being 20-40 pounds overweight. I worked out a lot and felt like that was just "me". I ranged from 200-230 and am also 5'10". I did carry a little muscle (blessed with that), but I was certainly fat.

I can now say 1000% it was my diet the entire time. I have never been a big eater and even as a kid rarely ate breakfast as I just was not hungry - sounds like you.

I was way behind the fad - but I finally tried the Adkins/Keto/whatever diet and it literally changed my life. I started semi following the Adkins induction phase and when it worked so well I read a lot of books on it and how/why it worked and then started morphing it to my tastes. I lost about 50 pounds over 2 years of not hard dieting, but just modifying my diet. I got down to about 165 gradually, had semi abs for the first time in my life, all without working out more than I used to.

I turned 50 in Feb and sit at 177 this morning. I have never been back above 190 again and rarely bump into the low 180's even during the winter lazy months. Usually hover in the low to mid 170's.

If I control my carbs - everything else takes care of itself. I don't eat zero carbs, I just got in the habit of selecting far fewer carbs on average and the weight just came off and stayed off. 3-4 of my work friends saw what I was doing and tried it as well and they all also dropped 20-30 pounds a piece as well. It worked well for us and makes it easier when several of you are finding new things that work and we all ate lunch together a lot as well. Not only with the weight lose, but I need less sleep and sleep better when I do need it.

They say diet is 80% of weight loss. I feel it is closer to 90! LOL

You have to find what works for you and this just happened to work well for me. Changed my life - no doubt about it. I wish I would have this when I was your age, in my prime, and worked out much harder then. I would have been ripped.
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      04-02-2020, 10:52 AM   #48
He's experimenting with something...
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OP, please forgive my length, but I have a ton of experience on this topic (it's a pun if you want it to be). I was where you are, and I hope my story helps you.

As a high-school left tackle, I was 6'1" and 290 lbs. I told myself and others I weighed 250. One memorable day, got a 1000-watt shock when I stepped on the scale in a drugstore. My vintage home scale only went to 250.

Over the next two years, I got down to 165 -- a loss, do the math, of 125 lbs. I was truly thin. One day, age 25, after running, I weighed 158. That was unhealthy.

To lose that much weight, you need enduring motivation, in my case the Pill had been invented, and it dawned on me that only fat girls are interested in fat boys.

My method at that time: I ate very little, mass-market crap for the most part, and played lots of indoor sports. I did suffer health consequences (mono, frequent lung infections, kidney stones) but as a young man didn't care. Or I couldn't put two and two together.

For the next 25 years, despite an occasional temporary 15-lb. gain, I stayed between 165 and 175.

Method: a balanced diet in moderation, no snacks, tennis 5 or 6 times a week, weigh myself every day and make eating adjustments.

I kept the weight off even after marriage at 30. Then we started having children, and my weight started moving south. Or north. My real downfall was a six-month book project that involved writing every day in a shed behind my house, tennis in hibernation, beer every day, and eating what the kids ate (was it mac & cheese EVERY night?). By the time the book hit the bookstores, I'd gained 37 lbs and given up trying to keep it down.

Over the next 20 years, I put on 100 lbs, very sad, and only got weighed in the doctor's office. Two years ago, I weighed 265.

When my wife died, I ate poorly again, but with no conscious effort gradually lost 20 lbs. Then, a year ago, I decided to get back to my youthful weight, or close to it. This morning I weighed 189.8 on my fancy digital scale. My doctor-approved target is 180.

Motivation:, mainly, and also I wanted to get off of blood-pressure medication, which I have done.

  • Eat sensibly -- almonds, yes, eggs, fruit, minimal bread, non-fat milk, yoghurt, instant oatmeal, lean ground turkey, cheese in moderation, never eat after 7:00 pm, and avoid snacks between meals. (I could definitely add more leafy greens.)
  • Play tennis 3-4 times a week.
  • Know the rough calory count for foods I eat and keep a daily mental tally, under 1200 to lose.

The payoffs: My daughter-in-law picks out my clothes now (36-inch waist, down from 44), so I look pretty hip for a geezer. At my 55th high-school reunion last summer -- my first in 50 years -- people were astounded. I ended the evening at a table with 5 unattached, still-attractive former classmates, out of reach when I was 18, one of whom kept ordering rounds of Jameson on the rocks. One of them keeps texting me (going nowhere).

What I've learned in 65 years of yo-yo weight:
  • There's no big secret and no foolproof fad diet (the Atkins diet gave me the kidney stones).
  • It's willpower, dude, which only emerges from enduring motivation to lose and keep it off. Find your motivation. Mine was and remains, frankly, heterosex.
  • It's eating healthy food you enjoy -- in moderation and on a regular schedule (some kind of breakfast helps).
  • And it's finding a form of exercise you enjoy and look forward to (as I say, tennis in my case).

These days, when someone asks how I did it, I say, simply, "Eat less, move more."

Good luck and stay healthy,

— Craig, age 74
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      04-08-2020, 05:48 AM   #49
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I just applaud to you, men. Such a great job done!
I've also read about importance of controlling carbs. But a breakthrough for me was a NEAT activity. As Craig mentioned above, moving more is crucial.
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      05-30-2020, 06:46 AM   #50
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Good afternoon! I can say with confidence that in order to feel good you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, walk a lot, play sports and eat right. But sometimes you still need to support the body additionally, for example, take natural nutritional supplements. I advise you to try look at this web-site. If you want to infringe more, then look at this web-site.
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      05-31-2020, 10:37 PM   #51
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Have you ever tried portion control? It works for me without stopping myself from eating what I like.
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